Wood Flooring

Natural & Engineered

Introduce wood flooring to a design for the warmth and natural beauty of this traditional material. The wooden panels are available in a plethora of sizes and finishes – or for a richer feel, bespoke Parquet de Versailles panels are made from oak [in some cases 300 years old] which is expertly handcrafted by our craftsmen.

Parquet Versailles

Namesake of the Palace of Versaille, these solid oak panels are individually handmade by our expert craftsmen. Not only will you add the warmth and beauty of this natural material to your design, but some of the timber is 300 years old, reclaimed from great buildings, meaning you will have a piece of history too. Available in standard patterns or bespoke.

Solid Wood

Solid wood adds warm, organic style to any space. Available in a variety of shades, grains and patterns, adding timeless beauty to your design.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring combines the charm and lasting beauty of natural wood with the hardwearing qualities of engineered wood – it is resistant to changes in temperature which makes it possible to use it with underfloor heating systems.

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