bathroom tiled with blue geometric patterned karoistanbul/cement tiles from robel


From hand painted tiles to metro tiles, our ceramic range is full of variety. Lots of suitable ranges for kitchens and bathrooms.

Robel natural stones collage map of world


Our Porcelain ranges include large format tiles that go up to 1200x1200mm, we have many different effects and finishes as well.

bathroom/shower tiled with black and gold tiles and mosaics from robel


Mosaics are a great option for wet areas or feature walls. We have a great variety of mosaics made from all sorts of materials including metal, glass, wood and more

Victorian floor tiles composed of squares and triangles laid on garden patio from robel


Glass tiles can bring a luxurious feel to any room, with many different colours and finishes you're bound to find your perfect match.

Victorian floor tiles composed of red, blue, white squares and white, brown triangles laid on garden patio from robel

Victorian Floor Tiles

The classic English look. We provide ready patterns you can choose from or you can create an entirely new one with our array of single pieces.

bathroom fitted with matchbooked marble from robel


Zelige tiles have origins in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East – each one handcrafted for a unique and rustic beauty.

Robel natural stones collage map of world

Natural Stone

We can cut tiles from natural stone blocks to your custom measurements. Be it floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, plus more.

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